Seasons of Discovery

Seasons of Discovery

Transforming Churches Network (TCN) has developed a process designed to assist local congregations in becoming more effective in reaching their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Based on biblical principles, worldwide research among effective mission movements, and pilot projects, the TCN transformation process can change your church from the inside out.

Seasons of Discovery is a step-wise Church Transformation process delivered in four seasons over two or more years that helps your church begin to engage your community with the Gospel of Jesus. The four phases of discovery: preparation for discovery, rediscovering your vision, discovering new paths for outreach, and empowerment for reaching your community for Christ.

Grace Lutheran has begun Phase One of the Seasons of Discovery process.

Eight Hinge Principles That Impact A Congregation's Ministry

From the research, which has revealed the best practices of churches that can help them accomplish the mission of God and fulfill their vision, eight specific practices stand out and have the greatest impact. The first four relate to the pastoral leadership, and the second to the local congregation. The Pastoral Leadership Factors are one door that opens up to the community and the Church-Wide Factors the other door. As these two sets of factors work in tandem, the doors of the church will swing open to the community.

Grace Visioning Day - February 2018

Pastor Lampe guiding a group discussion
Pastor Lampe guiding a group discussion

Grace Visioning Day - August 2016 with Rev. Dr. Terry Tieman

Rev. Tieman leading the Visioning Day
Rev. Tieman leading the Visioning Day

Pastoral Leadership Factors: Empowering God's People for works of Service. This hinge swings open as the pastor, key leaders, and the entire church realize that the role of leaders is the empower people to serve, not to do all the serving.
  • Personal Leadership Leaders adopt practices that help them better manage their own lives, particularly in the areas of Physical, mental, spiritual, and relational development.
  • Visionary LeadershipVision guides the church as it ventures out into the community. Vision comes by seeking the heart of god and also seeing where He is already working in the community. Leaders communicate this to the congregation, as well as help the congregation develop its specific vision.
  • Bridge-Building LeadershipMoving out into the community to reach the lost cannot be led from the church office. Pastors and other leaders can learn about the needs, the culture, and the people in your local community by actually meeting with them and building a relationship bridge that the Gospel can travel across.
Church-Wide Factors:
  • Community OutreachSowing the seeds of the Gospel in order to recap an eternal harvest happens in our local communities. It's all about finding ways to serve the community and open hearts to the love of Christ.
  • Focused PrayerPrayer that opens doors incorporates intercession for those who need to know Christ. This occurs through things like prayer for the un-churched by name and prayer for the church's vision.
  • Inspiring WorshipSeekers attend church hoping to make friends and connect with God in a way that is meaningful to them. Prayerfully continue to develop an approach to the worship that fits your believers and the local context and accomplishes your agreed upon mission and vision.


  • People in your community who are looking for hope (1 Tim. 6:17)
  • Good works that God has prepared in advance for us to do in the community (Eph. 2:10)
  • People within the congregation who have a passion for reaching the lost (Rom. 1:16)


  • God's unique vision for your church (1 Tim. 2:4)
  • Joy and excitement from living out that vision in your community (Phil. 4:4)
  • The 8 Hinge Factors that open doors to your community (John 10:9)


  • Personal coaching & peer learning group for the pastor
  • Tools for equipping people for ministry
  • Events to rally the people of the church around the theme of the season
  • Outreach activities

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