Joseph & Rachell Highley

Seminarian  Seminarian
Grace supports Seminarian Joseph Highley and
Deaconess Rachell Highley

Grace Lutheran helps support seminarian Joseph Highley attending Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Joseph is finishing his second year and headed to Arizona to Christ's Greenfield for his year-long vicarage assignment. His wife, Rachell is finishing her Deaconess studies and also headed to Christ's Greenfield for her deaconess internship.

The Highley's hail from Southwest Missouri and Springfield. Joseph and Rachell are expecting their first child the end of May!


We have enjoyed our Arizona winter! Pray that our time in Arizona will be a blessing to us as well as the church/community we will be serving. Our boy, James, is now four months old and is such a blessing. Joseph keeps getting his feet wet with all different minestry areas and Rachell is preparint to return to St. Louis to complete her deaconess studies.

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