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Whether you are a lifelong Christian or just curious about what a relationship with Christ can mean for you, we will be glad to visit with you or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are here to serve you and make the love of Christ a real part of your life.

Plus One Initiative - Supporting the community.

Project Update:

We received a $1500 grant from the LCMS for the Plus One project(this addresses numbers 3,4,5 on the website). With the funds:

  • We have purchased 14 yoga ball chairs. 1 chair for every classroom in the 3rd and 4th grades. We are waiting for them to be delivered to the school.
  • We are planning to buy 300 $1 books when the book order becomes available for both grades for November. This is so that every child can have a book.
  • We will purchase 7 Magnetic Demo Notebook Paper items from IPA this week. This will provide one for each 4th grade classroom.

Project Goals:

The Plus One Committee has a few projects in the works to support the students and teachers of the 3rd and 4th grades at Robinson Elementary. Anyone interested can participate in the activities we have planned.

  1. We are providing food for the teachers at the October 14 Parent Teacher Conference.
  2. We have posted a list above the donation box in the church entryway of items that can be collected for the school on a continuous basis.
  3. We have an ongoing list that allows the teachers to list "wish" items that they would like to have for their individual classrooms.
  4. The committee is planning to purchase 300 $1 books to give to the students. Every student will receive a book with our Grace Lutheran sticker in it.
  5. For our biggest project, we have applied for a Plus One grant from the LCMS Missouri District. We are hoping to be supported with enough funds to purchase alternative classroom seating in the form of 14 yoga ball chairs. Fourteen chairs is enough to provide one for every classroom.
  6. Members have completed security clearance to be able to participate in school activities such as reading buddies, lunch buddies, and office assistants.
We welcome anyone to participate and donate!
 Business Expo
Items donated by Wal-Mart for the Plus One Initiative. THANK YOU!

Amazon Smile

Do you already shop Amazon? Did you know that a portion of your shopping can go to your designated charity? Grace Lutheran is now signed up to receive donations through Amazon Smile. Click on the link below to set Grace Lutheran as your designated carity and the church will receive a percentage of your purchases. What a great way to give back on what you are already doing! Thank you in advance for your support! Click on the image below to get started or on the image at the bottom of the page.